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You’ll find the latest evidence-based info as well as recommendations from ancient traditional disciplines – Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. • • • FULLY TAILORED FEATURES • • • • Nutrition Recommendations Food Warnings • Best and worst for your unique profile.• Supplements Natural Remedies • Read expert recommendations AND user reviews to see what worked for other people.Cook Cure is the first holistic health app that takes all of those factors into account to meet your particular needs. Find information on the foods, herbs, supplements, natural remedies, recipes, and lifestyle practices that are known to be best for you and your unique needs.All the information comes from qualified health professionals you can trust (including nutritionists, herbalists, naturopaths and more), many of whom are thought leaders in their field, passionate about sharing their specialized knowledge with you and your family.

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Cook Cure is the ultimate wellness app – saving you time, money, and confusion.Hold the screen to throw the ball and get the candies.Try to get as many candies as possible before the time over. The level of will be increased every hits and increasing level means decreasing time to get candies.It feels just like peeling and pasting a traditional sticker.Express yourself with iconic Troll Mojis imagery that you can place anywhere in your i Messages.

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